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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 26, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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a double dip. more bad economic news raises fears we may slip back into recession. hate crime. a college student is charged with trying to kill a cab driver because he's a muslim. and palin. alaska's former government backs a darkhorse senate candidate on the verge of a huge upset. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 26, 2010. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. good to see you on thursday. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. this morning more americans are asking, are we ready for another recession? there are bad signs in the latest economic figures people are buying fewer homes, businesses are ordering less.
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according to the latest cbs news poll, more than one-third of americans thing the economy will never get better. ashley morrison is in new york with more. good morning. >> good morning. like the name suggests, a double dip recover only to fall back. with the bad economic news continuing to pile up, fears are rising that's exactly where we're headed. despite cheaper prices, an all-time low mortgage rate, new home sales fell more than 12% in july to the lowest level on record. home values have dropped 30% since their peak in 2006. but even more worrisome, manufacturing activity, which had been one of the few bright spots, is slipping. the economy has grown for a full year but the pace of growth has slowed significantly. >> we had a stronger first quarter than a second quarter.5g
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the latest cbs news poll also ask americans about zero.
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they have come together to form a new coalition which include some families of 9/11 victims. this morning a new york city college student is held without bail for an anti-muslim hate crime. lou young of our new york station wcbs-tv spoke with the victim. >> reporter: 43-year-old displays his wounds with sorrow. a deep cash on his forearm, a defensive wound on his hand and slashes to his neck and upper lip. the handiy work of a passenger, police say, the cabbie in an explosion of anti-muslim in a new york city taxi. >> he asked where i was from. second question he ask, are you muslim? i said yes. >> reporter: the passenger was 21-year-old mike enright, a. shareef says the young man began
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ridiculing ramadan and began a rant. >> [ bleep ] i have to put you down. >> reporter: that's what he said? >> yes. you have to bring abdullah down. >> reporter: he said he lunged through the cab partition with a knife and the men struggled as the cab struggled for a block half. enright was charged with attempted murder as a hate crime. it's swept through the muslim community like a shock wave. inside, the victim, despite his injuries, continues to espouse his beliefs in the american dream. >> i work hard, trying to support my family. and i believe in this country, if you work hard, you can have anything you want. >> and that was wcbs-tv's lou young reporting. now to chile, advice for 33 miners trapped nearly half a mile underground. chile's government is asking for
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nasa's help and will get it. the miners know a rescue will take time but they haven't been told it will take them four months to drill a hole to get them out. until then, they're asking the miners to exercise, entertain and don't get too fat to fit through the hole. president obama will give a speech at the oval office. the coordinated attacks in iraq killed 56 people, caused chaos in 14 cities in towns around the country. the top u.s. general in iraq says al qaeda is trying to turn people against iraq's government and trying to pack a punch. >> it shows they still have somewhat of a network that they can do it. i think it takes them a long time to plan such events but it is worrying they can still do it. >> the president's speech to the nation tuesday night, the deadline for pulling u.s. combat forces out of iraq. you can see his speech live right here on cbs. alaska absentee ballots from
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tuesday's primary will decide a cliffhanger of a senate race. lisa murkowski is trailing joe miller. miller is the candidate of the tea party activist, including one very prominent gop figure. nancy cordes has more. >> reporter: she's the member of an alaskan republican dynasty. he's a little known lawyer from fairbanks. what miller had over senator murkowski was the ppt of their fellow alaskan, sarah palin, who shared his tea party platform and campaign. >> he had the backbone. >> reporter: palin is on a winning streak. of the 42 candidates she endorsed, 20 have bested their republican vooifls, five have primaries coming up soon, including ryan murphy, investor running for governor of maryland. >> when she endorsed me it put a national spotlight on the race. >> reporter: some tea party
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victories are giving gop newcomers heartburn. to win the florida gop primary for governor. >> right now we have the enthusiasm republicans are seeing for candidates that are less associated with state capitals and less associated with washington. >> reporter: back if alaska murkowski insisted her race isn't over while her political rival, palin, tweeted she was keeping her fingers crossed for miller to pull off a, quote, miracle on ice. if murkowski loses, we may not know for a woke as they count absentee ballots, she will be the third sitting senator to be voted out of office this year. and it's still just the primaries. nancy cordes, cbs news. just ahead, how tainted eggs involved in a recall could actually make it back to your table. plus, a breakthrough in the fight against the deadly cancer.
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some recalled eggs that may have been tainted by salmonella will still end up in some few product. eggs at two iowa farms still being produced by hens are being sent to processing facilities. they'll be cooked and pasturized and used in products like mayonnaise and ice cream. the fda says this is legal and experts say it's safe. >> once you've taken the action to kill the bacteria, then it's fine to put it into these other products. so, i wouldn't be worried about eating a pasturized egg product that came from these recalled eggs. >> the government reports about 40 new cases of salmonella in the last week, in addition to the 1300 people who had already gotten sick. melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. patients in the final stages have very few options. but a new drug may help. it targeting a gene found in
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about half of all melanoma patients. sandra hughes reports this morning. >> reporter: shirley chance didn't expect to be alive today. 11 months ago doctors told her she had final stage skin cancer, the melanoma that started on her arm had spread. scans revealed tumors in her lungs and brains. >> when i said, what are we talking about? he said, six months to a year. >> reporter: she underwent radiation treatment but her prognosis remained grim until she found out before an ecti experimental drug with impressive results. >> it's the most optimistic time i've seen for patients with advanced melanoma. >> reporter: melanoma is thought to be caused by overexposure from the sun. every year almost 9,000 americans die from the disease. this new treatment is offering hope. about half of all melanoma patients carry a gene that promotes cancer growth. the experimental pills disrupt the gene causing tumors to shrink. a new study found the drug was effective in 80% of patients who have the gene.
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it worked for an average of seven months, giving those patients more time. >> compared to chemotherapy, it works much better in melanoma and has less side effects. >> i've been feeling pretty good. >> reporter: it's not known how long the drug will work for chance, but so far it's been extremely effective. her cancer was actually sent into remission, allowing her to see the birth of her grandson. >> i used to wake up every day dying. i don't do that anymore. i wake up every day living. >> reporter: if future testing is successful, the treatment could be on the market in less than two years. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. paul hoggan, who played crocodile dundee is trapped in australia. the 70-year-old actor is not being allowed to leave the country because the government says he owes millions in back taxes. he lives in los angeles but went home for his mother's funeral last week. tax officials say he owes taxes on about $34 million on the crocodile dundee films. straight ahead, we'll have
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in new york, sunny, 81 degrees. miami, thunderstorms, 92. chicago, sunny, 77. denver, sunny, 90. los angeles, sunny skies there, 89 degrees. time now for a check of the national forecast.
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the latest satellite picture shows overcast skies over new england while scattered clouds hang over the southern plains in the southwest. later today, showers and storms in the southeast will be hanging around for another day or two. and those storms in the northeast are on the way out. tiger woods will play today at the barclays tournament. woods played a practice wound wednesday. he was asked about playing golf after his ex-wife's comments that she, quote, had been through hell during their divorce. >> it's a sad time. we're going through it right now. as far as my game and practicing, you know, that's been secondary. my actions certainly led us to this decision. you know, i've certainly made a lot of errors in my life. that's something i'm going to have to live with. >> woods has played so poorly this year that he comes back ranked 112th in the fedex cup standings. in baseball, the angels on a
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hitting spree against tampa bay. let's take a look at highlights. the angels' mike napoli hit a grand slam to help los angeles beat tampa bay 12-3. the rays are still tied with the yanks atop the american league east. cincinnati, blew a nine-run lead and then rallied back on a single by joe votto. the reds held on to beat the giants 12-11. when we return this morning, another look at this morning's top stories. take a look at this. taking a plunge. brides get down and dirty with the fancy gowns on. when i had my heart attack, i couldn't believe it. it was a real shock. i remember being at the hospital thinking, "i should have done more to take care of myself." you should've. that's why i'm exercising more now. eating healthier. and i also trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. lipitor is a cholesterol-lowering medication
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that is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. lipitor is backed by over 18 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. dean will never forget what he went through. don't take your health for granted. [ male announcer ] have a heart to heart with your doctor about your risk. and about lipitor. good morning. i'm john kessler. and i'm sydnie kohara. more than 500 drivers, mechanics and clerical employees at a san mateo trash collection company... refusing to cross a picket line. so, trash is not being picked up. coming up at five: why those workers won't cross the picket line. and why fellow union
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employees are also refusing to work. it was a highly publicized crime: a tourist from germany, killed by a stray bullet in san francisco. why the police chief says there are about to be arrests in that case. oh, rats... they're popping up everywhere. what's causing a boom in the rodent population. and what annoys people the most when they fly. (according to a new survey) join us for cbs 5 eyewitness on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. most of the country is quiet. two areas are still seeing rain storms. the upper new england areas as well as the deep southeast and florida. high pressure across the nation is helping to heat the air.
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. new unemployment numbers are out today after bad economic news on wednesday raised fears of a double-dip recession. a new cbs news poll, 37% of americans say they fear the economy is in permanent decline. and the new york city college student is accused of slashing a cab driver after asking the man if he is a muslim. prosecutors are calling it a hate crime. well, you know, there's nothing but love when it comes to a bride's wedding day but after the big day, what happens to that beautiful gown? some adventurous brides in canada joined a growing trend of trashing the dress. ashley burke of cbc news reports. >> reporter: a final brush of the hair, a touch of color, rebecca got married two months ago but this is her big day. >> it's taffeta, cheaper than silk. it's embellished with beading, crystals. >> get it! get it! get it! >> reporter: she's getting ready to destroy her $1300 gown.
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>> i promised i wouldn't get trashed on my wedding, so i think today it's a totally different head space. >> reporter: for photographers, it's all about dropping picture-perfect bridal gouns into unexpected settings all for an edgy, untraditional shot. the trend started at destination weddings. >> you just go to a lagoon or in the beach and you just jump in and trash your dress, literally, that would be it. a lot of photographers took it one edge up. burning the dress or throwing paint on your dress. any way you could destroy the dress at the end of the day. >> reporter: the trend isn't just about getting your dress dirty or trashing your dress completely, it's also about making an artistic statement and for many, taking back their wedding day. >> i had a big wedding, ten attendants plus our spouse. it was very rushed and i wasn't relaxed. i saw that in all of my pictures. we didn't have a lot of pictures where we were just looking like
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we were having the times of our lives. >> reporter: it wasn't until now she felt like herself in her dress. for her, trashing her dress means it didn't go to waste. >> i'm not going to wear it again, right? you get married and you're done with the dress. it's going to hang in my closet. let's wear it again and do something cool. another memory for the dress. >> reporter: ashley burke, cbc news, ottawa. >> i don't know about laying in the mud. the muppets taking the smithsonian. the original kerm tichlt the frog was donated to smithsonian by jim henson's widow on wednesday. the frog is joined by characters from the sam and french tv show in 1955. the first kermit was made from an old green coat thrown out by henson's mother. and ping pong balls for the eyes. the other puppets later became the inspiration for the cookie monster and oscar the grouch. this morning on "the early show," sheryl crow performs on the plaza. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news."
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the clean-up for the gulf oil disaster is getting help from a newly discovered microbe. the bacteria heat underwater oil plumes. it's found to be breaking up the oil twice as fast as expected. the microbe works without significantly depleting oxygen in the water. which is good for marine life. another type of bug, bedbugs are making a big comeback in this country, triggering an all-out war against them. a powerful chemical could help get rid of the persistent bugs but as cynthia bowers reports, the government says we cannot use it. >> reporter: finding tiny bedbugs -- >> inside the chair. >> reporter: -- has become big business for this exterminator,
4:56 am
who has no idea why his state is under siege. nationally since 2006 the money spent eradicating bedbugs has more than doubled, topping $250 million. new york city leads the index where even couples living at upscale apartments are finding themselves infested. >> i woke up and found i had a couple bites on me. that's when i was like, i'm pretty sure this is leading to bedbugs. >> reporter: america is suddenly crawling with these critters because they developed a resistance to most pesticides. experts say there is an effective weapon, a chemical called propoxur that keeps killing for up to five weeks, but the epa says that could be dangerous to children and the government recently ruled no more can be manufactured for inside use. >> as of a week and a half ago, i ordered the last 170 cases that -- through my supplier was able to find. >> reporter: but no state is tackling this plague as aggressively as ohio. it's even petitioned the epa for
4:57 am
permission to continue using the pesticide propoxur indoors as its last best option. even as they await approval, storage of the chemical is running out. >> the other options of newer technologie technologies, newer chemicals that will hopefully come down the pipe, they take a long time. we need short-term solutions. >> reporter: bedbugs can live up to a year. each female can give birth to as many as 500. unlike roaches or ants, these insects feast on you, which is why they settle on beds, couches and recliners. this columbus grandmother has been fighting the pests for nearly a year. >> i don't want them crawling all over me. >> reporter: the epa is standing firm on its ban of procepoxur indoors, but offers these suggestions. seal cracks and crevices along base boards, remove clutter, use a special mattress cover. dry clothes and sheets at high temps. >> don't let them get out of
4:58 am
control. once you let them get out of control, you can't handle them. >> reporter: scientists say the perfect parasite never kills its host but as millions of americans have found out, it can sure drive them crazy. cynthia bowers, cbs news. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. we hope you'll join us later on for "the early show." i'm terrell brown. take care, everybody. ,,,,
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